Daniel Davies


Daniel Davies

Homeless Health Team, Counsellor

Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Early on in my time working as a touring and recording musician I met a few people who were really struggling with addictions and the various problems this could involve; I guess I’d led a fairly sheltered life before then and was quite naive about the reality of these issues. Seeing how difficult things could get, and wondering what might usefully be done to help were probably my first steps toward becoming a counsellor, though I don’t think I realised this at the time.

I have worked in homeless sevices since 2003, completing counselling training and accreditation alongside a continuing career in outreach and support. This background has been very useful in helping me develop a flexible approach to offering in-reach access to counselling.

Equitability and equality of access to services and support are very important to me. It is a big challenge to usefully facilitate engagement with psychological and emotional support for those who often feel profoundly let down and understandablty wary of placing trust in others.

I feel it is important for services to meet clients inclusively and on their own terms as far as possible, and to intuit the level of support they may be able to engage with wherever they may be in their life’s journey at that particular time. Vulnerability and complexity always have a context and meaning, and providing a tolerable space to begin to explore these can provide validation and instill hope, and thereby open up pathways toward lasting change and moving on.


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