Watch Online

Can’t come to London?
Got a large team who would benefit?
Can’t take two days away from work but want the benefit?

Watch it online – LIVE and then have access to all the videos later, on demand.

We will stream the symposium live on the internet.  Buy an Open Group Licence to View the Live Broadcast and you can stream it into a room or venue of your choice.  Invite your team, guests from sister organisations, partners and clients to watch either the whole conference or the sessions that are immediately relevant, in the knowledge that you can go online at any time later and watch sessions as it is convenient.

Book here Open Licence for Group to Watch Live Broadcast

Bring your team together in your own venue and combine it with your own training session or team meeting.

Invite others from your region, organisations you work with  – or with whom you would like to work – teams from a neighbouring region, to share your experience and practice. Charities with whom you collaborate but who can’t afford the time, travel, accommodation and fees for two days.

With fewer than 20 people in the room, it works out at less than £50 per head, with no travel, no accommodation and they can continue to answer emails as they watch or pop out for short periods of work over the two days.

Combine it with an AGM.

Have your own seminar when London breaks out into theirs.

Text a question to the speakers live (and your organisation has a lasting namecheck when the film is viewed thousands of times in the months after).

Each licence comes with a free delegate place if you would like to attend in person, in addition to  your whole team watching back at base.


“I have looked at the videos, fantastic – I have never in all the conferences that I have been to (and there have been many) received such coverage of an event.”
Val Biggs, East Sussex Council

“I felt that many of us in UWE  might benefit from the Enhancing the Student Experience conference, but in the past only individual staff members could afford the time, or cost, to travel from Bristol to London for the day.  We bought an Open Licence from Policy Review TV and set up a room to show the live broadcast of the conference.  It was simple – all we needed was broadband, a laptop and screen.  8 of us, staff and students,  watched the conference live and sent in questions. Several more dropped in and out throughout the day, for relevant sessions.

It made a big impact on our institution and we all enjoyed the collegiate approach of gathering together to watch.  The content of the conference suggested changes that we can make and the Open House format with a live broadcast meant that we could also, remotely, enjoy the positive atmosphere of a group with a common interest.  It had that good feel of a conference.

To ensure we get lasting value, two of us now have repeated, unlimited, on-demand access to the online footage which we can play whenever we like (forever) and share further.

I would recommend this as a cost effective and positive way of participating and learning from a distance, with all the advantages of a networking gathering.”
Professor Julie McLeod, PVC Teaching & Learning and Student Experience, University of the West of England, Bristol

“Our participants found the flexibility of being able to drop in and out during these two days was very helpful and are keen to doing the same again for next year.”
Mental Health and Wellbeing Programme, NHS Lothian

Last year, NHS Scotland watched “Homelessness and Health International Symposium 2016” live on the internet and then, at their own conference a month later, played the video of Professor Marmot.

Book here Open Licence for Group to Watch Live Broadcast


The footage will be up on the website by noon the day after the symposium.

You don’t need to download anything, it stays online for you to access as many times as you like, whenever you like.

You can use the digital footage to

  • brief your team,
  • induct new staff or
  • even to augment your own seminars and conferences.

Have a look at last year’s footage  Homeless Health Inclusion 2016 footage here