Angela Barnett


Angela Barnett


NFA Residents’ Association

I am a New Traveller and Treasurer/Chair of NFA (No Fixed Abode) Residents Association. Our group have been instrumental in campaigning on a number of issues experienced by anyone of no fixed abode. I have lived experience of many of these issues as I spent a number of years living on unauthorised encampments in the UK.

NFA Residents Association is a member-led voluntary group that was primarily set up in response to Anti-Social Behaviour legislation that was introduced in the Brighton and Hove area in April 2016, the Public Space Protection Order. This legislation prohibits the ‘occupation of a tent, vehicle or other structure’ in any one of 12 public parks and open spaces in the city making it a fineable offence. This clearly targets some of the most marginalised and vulnerable members of our society who already have great difficulty accessing essential services.


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