Donald Lane


Donald Lane

Project Lead

Norwich CCG

Donald Lane Expert by experience, volunteer Patient representative for Norfolk CCG, has been involved with Cityreach Homeless Health Services Norwich for 7 years now & has been a member of the, CRHS-PPG(Patient Participation Group). I have been involved with Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, contributing to the Medical students understanding of homelessness.

I have also been involved with the University of East Anglia (UEA) medical students contributing again on homelessness issues that, they may encounter.

I have been to Three Homelessness Symposiums attending as an EbyE for

It has been during these years that I have networked with other like-minded people who have contributed wisdom to myself that has led me to this point where I’d like to tell you all want exactly 2017/18 has delivered for myself and my colleagues.

What we plan to do this year 2018, looks great!


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