John Conolly


John Conolly

Lead Counsellor

Westminster Homeless Health Service, CLCH NHS Trust

The interface between exclusion and self- exclusion has always been one of his main interests, and has paralleled his professional development from psychology, organisational psychology, psychotherapy and presently ‘pre-treatment therapy’, which is increasingly attracting national and international attention.

He has led the Westminster Homeless Health Counselling Service since 2009, where he developed a special interest in Personality Disorder, and is the founding chair of the ‘Westminster Complex Personalities Network’.

He is a member of the Homeless and Inclusion Health Faculty, and sits on its education and training committee. He wrote the counselling section of the Faculty’s ‘Health Service Standards for Commissioners and Service Providers’ (2011, 2013).

He has taught counselling skills at Middlesex University Mental Health Department, and has authored several published book chapters and journal articles.

He is a UKCP registered Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and Lacanian Analyst.


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