Professor Adrian Bonner


Professor Adrian B Bonner

Honorary Professor, University of Stirling

Consultant in Community-based Research, The Salvation Army

New Publication: Social Determinants of Health: Social Inequality and Wellbeing
Policy Press/ University of Bristol (2017)

Addictive behaviour: Molecules to mankind (Bonner, 1996 is the title of the book that symbolises the trajectory of Adrian’s academic career. His early research was concerned with neurobiological aspects of alcohol, as re ected in publications and teaching activities in the 1990s at the Universities of Surrey and Kent. At this time, he became Chairman of the Congress of the European Society for Biomedical Research into Alcohol (Bonner, 2005). Social exclusion and the way out: An individual and community response to human social dysfunction (Bonner, 2006) provided the basis for research into The seeds of exclusion (Bonner et al, 2008), a major report that continues to in influence Salvation Army strategic planning. These activities were undertaken while he was a Reader in the Centre for Health Service Studies, University of Kent, and was Director of the Addictive Behaviour Group.

From 2010 to 2012, he was seconded from the University of Kent to become the Director of the Institute of Alcohol Studies. This involved participating in the UK government’s Responsibility Deal and membership of the European Alcohol Health Forum, an advisory group supporting the work of the European Commission. These insights into UK and European policy development have in influenced his current activities, which include interdisciplinary research into health inequalities and local political action working with the London Borough of Sutton. Current research, as Honorary Professor in the Faculty of Social Science at the University of Stirling, focuses on the impact of economic austerity policies on health, social care and housing strategies


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