Alison King

Health Improvement Senior

NHS Health Scotland

Alison wants to live in a Scotland where everyone has a safe, secure home.
Alison is sad that she has to see people lying on cardboard under a bridge for ‘warmth’
Alison searches for solutions
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As a Health Improvement specialist for fifteen years Alison has worked in the field of cardiac rehabilitation, physical activity, child obesity and substance use leading to her current role as Senior Health Improvement Officer for Homelessness and Inclusion Health with NHS Health Scotland.

Alison also is one of the leads for the Scottish Faculty of Homeless and Inclusion Health (SFHIH) which is an inclusive organisation for people caring for excluded groups such as people who experience homelessness, gypsies and travellers, vulnerable migrants and asylum seekers, people with experience of the justice system, people with health-harming substance use issues and people engaged in sex work.

The Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health is hosted by Pathway.

Prior moving to NHS Health Scotland, most of Alison’s work was carried out in Inverclyde where she currently lives.

Alison loves to run when she has the time in between coaching athletics and keeping her three kids amused.