Dr Peter Buchman

Clinical Lead, Pathway Homeless Team, Royal London Hospital

GP, Health E1 – Homeless Medical Centre

Peter was born in Sydney Australia & graduated from his medical degree in 1991. He also completed his GP training in Sydney where he worked at the Kirketon Road Centre where he first developed an interest in working with homeless & social excluded people & substance misusers.

Peter moved to London in 1998 & started working at Health E1-Homeless Medical Centre in Brick Lane in 2003 & continues to work as a GP there today. He started the Pathway Homeless Team at the Royal London Hospital in 2011 as part of the randomised control trial looking at the effectiveness of the Pathway model of supporting homeless people admitted to hospital. The team has grown into a truly multidisciplinary one, today consisting of a GP, nurse, occupational therapist, social worker & a care navigator with a lived experience of homelessness.