Dying on the streets

Helen Chidlow, Medical Education Lead for Spectrum CIC, GP Lead, York Drug and Alcohol Service

Collaboration of Services-Meeting the needs of rough sleepers-The Podiatry Journey

Mrs Kim Pouliase, Podiatrist-Homeless healthcare, Christchurch hospital Dorset

The Homelessness and Inclusion Oral Health Quality Improvement Project: an evaluation of a pilot foundation dentist led oral health promotion outreach project for people experiencing homelessness

Tran C, Lu T, Doughty J, Movahedi S.

How can we teach Inclusion Health to students?

Dr Chris Sargeant

Identifying ‘At Risk Of Early Death’ homeless patients – 15 years of death data from homeless practice in Camden

Dr Gary Colman, Camden Health Improvement Practice

What is the impact on patient engagement and treatment with mental health services, of having a specialist mental health practitioner working with rough sleepers who have a serious mental illness?

Jonathan Dickson, Senior Mental Health Practitioner/Non Medical Prescriber, Rough Sleeping Project, Suffolk Access and Assessment Team, Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust

Saving Lives (and a lot of money) – costing the argument for homeless health programs

Dr Andrew Davies, Medical Director, Homeless Healthcare GP Practice, Perth, Western Australia
Dr Amanda Stafford, Clinical Lead, Homeless Team, Royal Perth Hospital, Perth, Western Australia
Professor Lisa Wood, School of Population and Global Health, University of Western Australia

What is the rate of General Practitioner registration amongst rough sleeping patients who present to an English ambulance service?

Shaun McBride, Paramedic, Ambulance Social, Public & Inclusion Health Project

Medicine on the margins: learning opportunities for undergraduates within Inclusion Health

Dr Monica Sharman, University of East Anglia
Dr Hannah Sprouse, University of East Anglia
Dr Emily Clark, University of East Anglia
Dr Emily Player, University of East Anglia