Homeless and Inclusion Health

Annual International Symposium & Study Days

Wednesday 2nd March & Thursday 3rd March 2016 London

Building a Digital Library for Health and Inclusion

The UK Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health’s annual symposium on health, homelessness and multiple exclusion takes place in London on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd March 2016.

The symposium is developed by Pathway (the homeless health charity) and the Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health with support from the Health Foundation, NHS England and partners.

This is the fourth symposium and study days bringing together the latest in evidence and best practice from around Europe in health and public services.

The presentations help create a unique digital library of professional development material in this fast developing discipline for health and social services.

Every attendee will earn access to the library for all their colleagues.

Chaired by

Mark Easton
Home Editor, BBC

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:

Professor Richard Wilkinson, Emeritus Professor of Social Epidemiology at the University of Nottingham Medical School, and co-author of the international best seller ‘The spirit level: why more equal societies almost always do better

Professor Sir Michael Marmot, Director, UCL Institute of Health Equity and author of newly published ‘The Health Gap’.

Other Speakers Include:

Dr Amanda Stafford
Emergency Medicine Consultant, Royal Perth Hospital, Australia

Dr Adrian McLachlan
Chair, Lambeth CCG

Professor Dennis P Culhane
The Dana and Andrew Stone Professor of Social Policy, SP2, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Professor Jane Dacre
President, Royal College of Physicians

Dr Nigel Hewett OBE
Medical Director, Pathway

Duncan Selbie
Chief Executive, Public Health England

Dr Al Story
Clinical Lead, London Find and Treat Service, UCLH

“Experts by Experience” – a group of people who are experiencing homelessness take part in the conference every year, with full support and training, from the main stage, in the exhibition hall and in smaller groups and seminars.

Last Year's Symposium | 2015

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Programme Overview 2016

This year’s programme includes

  • a strong focus on mental health, including the latest thinking on Psychologically Informed Environment, trauma-based interventions, and recovery
  • additional focus on homeless children and families, offering both academic and practical service-based perspectives
  • examples of the impact of truly person-centred, integrated service delivery
  • sessions on addressing challenging health issues - from psychoactive substances, to blood-borne viruses, to multi-morbidity
  • lessons from leading-edge approaches to involving and being influenced by Experts by Experience
  • transferable learning from exclusion health for the wider health and care system
  • practical approaches to increasing accessibility and relevance of services and reducing health inequalities

As well as the latest reports and lessons from Pathway teams and international insights

The content will update professionals on specific themes identified by Faculty members over the last year and explore the development of the UK “Inclusion Health” programme.

These include:

  • Faculty of Homeless and Inclusion Health: Pathway Programme
  • Inclusion Health: defining a new discipline
  • How can health and local government services identify the most vulnerable?
  • The balance between specialist and mainstream healthcare provision of the most excluded
  • Processes of exclusion – can health services reform?
  • How can we reduce premature mortality at the extremes?
  • Set the research agenda for homelessness and health
  • New health commissioning models for homeless and excluded groups
  • Defining education and training needs for clinicians who work with homeless and other severely excluded groups
  • Identifying new service models or health service responses that work
  • Considering homeless people’s health issues and those of other severely excluded groups in the wider context of health inequalities in British society

Professionals from health and care and people with personal experience of homelessness and service delivery will play a leading role in the programmes.

European speakers bring experience from other urban health and public systems and the lessons that can be learned.

Building a Digital Library

on Homelessness, Health and Inclusion

A new resource for Health, Housing and Social Care

Every delegate can access this material online to share with their colleagues.

You will have unlimited and repeated access to the videos, podcasts, slides and documents after the conference.

Click here to visit the website where you can see last year’s Homelessness and Health Inclusion symposium