Delegate Downloads

General Conference Documents

  1. Speaker Profiles (PDF)
  2. Conference Evaluation Form (DOC)

Seminar Resources

  1. SEMINAR STREAM B2 - Riad Akbur (LINK)
  2. SEMINAR STREAM D4 - Mark Goldup (PDF)

Presentation Slides

  1. AKBUR Riad Route to Roots Seminar B2 Presentation
  2. BOWGETT Kate Saving Lives Saving Money Seminar D2 Presentation
  3. CIRONE Jennifer Children and Family Advice Seminar A1 Presentation
  4. CONOLLY John From Symptoms to People Seminar B1 Presentation
  5. CULHANE Dennis Risk Period or Cohort Effect Plenary Presentation
  6. FAULKNER Alison Seminar D2
  7. GALLAGHER Ursula CQC Seminar C2 Presentation
  8. GLASSBROOK Nicola Whole Systems Change Seminar D4 Presentation
  9. GOLDUP Mark PAPER Unmet Need for Supported Housing Seminar D4 Paper
  10. GOLDUP Mark Unmet Need for Supported Housing Seminar D4 Presentation
  11. GREASON Laura GRT Communities Seminar A3 Presentation
  12. GREENFILEDS Margaret Health Needs of GRT Communities Seminar A3 Presentation
  13. HAMLET Neil Rafters Relationships Resilience Plenary Presentation
  14. JENKINS Maxine Leicester Partnership Trust Seminar A1 Presentation
  15. JOHANSON Paul Looking After Yourself Seminar B4 Presentation
  16. JOHNSON Robin Trans Atlantic Dialogues Seminar B3 Presentation
  17. KOHN Peter The Homeless Matter Too Plenary Presentation
  18. MASON Karl Care Act 2014 Seminar D3 Presentation
  19. MATHIE Helen JSNAs Seminar D1 Presentation
  20. MATTHEWS Zoe Monitoring and Evidence Based Commissioning Seminar D1 Presentation
  21. NEWBROOK Suzanne Equipping Future Doctors Seminar C4 Presentation
  22. RADCLIFFE Maxine Recovery Seminar B1 Presentation
  23. ROBERTSON David Drug Misuse Seminar A2 Presentation
  24. SARGEANT Christopher Faculty Approach to Training Seminar C4 Presentation
  25. SHULMAN Caroline End of Life Care Seminar C3
  26. SMEATON Marg Providing Integrated Palliative Care Plenary Presentation
  27. STAFFORD Amanda Pathway in Perth Plenary Presentation
  28. TEIXEIRA Ligia Welfare Conditionality and Benefit Sanctions Seminar Presentation D3
  29. VOSTANIS Panos Homeless and Vulnerable Children International Plenary Presentation
  30. WILKINSON Richard Inequality and Exclusion Plenary Presentation